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LPM No11, September 8 2016: End the witch-hunt: James Marshall explores Labour Party history, from its early tolerance and inclusion of all working class and socialist organisations to today’s suspensions and expulsions of socialists. And Jim Grant is not impressed by Tom Watson’s dodgy dossier of ‘infiltrators’.

LPM No10, July 7 2016: Defend Corbyn (but have no illusions). Three clause fours – a Marxist version. Model motion: ‘Support Corbyn’. Model motion: ‘Mandatory reselection’. London Communist Forum – The Chakrabarti report and Labour’s anti-Semitism smears.

LPM No9, June 02 2016: ‘Anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism’ – Submission by Labour Party Marxists to the Shami Chakrabarti inquiry into anti-Semitism and other forms of racism in the Labour Party; Model motion promoted by LPM: Labour Party ‘anti-Semitism’ smear and witch-hunt; EU referendum: blue-on-blue power struggle.

LPM No8, March 18 2016: A Labour military programme – LPM submission to Labour’s defense review; LPM amendment for March 19 AGM of CLPD; This end of the wedge (oppose the expulsion of Gerry Downing, but expose his political errors); Against all predictions (Bernie Sanders campaign).

LPM No7, September 2015: Recruit, win new affiliates, transform; Alternative clause four proposed by LPM; Lies, smears and dictators.

LPM No6, September 2015: Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures; Hoist by its own petard; A new clause four – Alternative proposed by LPM.

LPM No5 November 2014: The culture we need comes with thorns; Amendment to LRC national committee statement; Nation, class unity and political strategy; Motion – For a federal republic; Stage-managed spectacle; Election address: Stan Keable.

LPM No4, February 2014: Reject the Collins review; Europe and the politics of fraud; Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance; Rearm working class with collective representation.

LPM No3, November 2013: Open letter to Jerry Hicks; European Union – bring arguments out into the open; Defending status quo is a loser; Motion – Defend the link, defend collective affiliation.

LPM No2, November 2012: Transform Labour into a real party of Labour; Motion – For a strong, democratic and socialist labour movement; Not personal but an irresponsible political split; Labour turns blue.

LPM No1, November 2011: Our aims and principles; Fight the bans and proscriptions; Refound Labour as a real party of labour.